Every Saturday from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm 

at the Embassy of Indonesia

2020 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20036.

The practice activities are:

Orchestra-a combination of Traditional Indonesian Instruments (gamelan, angklung, kolintang, etc.) with Western instruments (violin, cello, guitar, bass, piano, drums and some other musical instruments), Vocal, Dance and Acting.


Ulung Tanoto

Music Director

Ulung Tanoto is composer, music producer, and a multi-instrumentalist. His works range from concert pieces, pop arrangement, to film scores and commercials. Some of his works have won international awards and screened in Hollywood where he also worked for a period of time. More info, check out ulungt.wix.com/ulungtanoto.

Ulung is a role model for his students. With his versatility, he approaches the students individually by their varied skill level and give them opportunity to express themselves. He was not only successfully brought Indonesian arts and cultural activities to the next level, but also enliven Indonesian cultural scenes by bringing together Indonesian and local professional musicians, as well as members of Indonesian ethnic/cultural affiliations and other non-profit organizations to perform their art- musical skills in Washington, DC area. With Ulung, the young musicians of IKPA are able to grow their abilities in learning and performing both Western and Indonesian traditional music, also experienced an unforgettable journey to explore their potential in taking active involvements to support global community through the arts. IKPA, directed by Ulung, has performed in numbers of events, including on the deck of the tall-ship “Kapal Dewaruci” in Baltimore Inner Harbor, “Made In Indonesia” festival, “The Colors of Indonesia” Concert in Kay Theater, University of Maryland, and every Indonesian Independence Day for AUBADE in collaboration with the Embassy of Indonesia in Washington DC. The former Ambassador, Dr. Dino Patti Djalal even called him a “Cultural Warrior”. Ulung is now writing a new show, "1928 -When a Nation Sings in Harmony". He is currently pursuing his doctoral degree in music composition.

Natindyas Rachmat

Angklung and Indonesian traditional dance instructor

She is also known as Wanti Syarief, the Vice President of IKPA who enjoys teaching angklung and teaching Indonesian traditional dance to the children. Wanti joined several organizations such as Indonesian American Association (IAA), Indonesia Relief - USA, and Rumpun Wargi Pasundan (RWP). She is one of the founding member called "Angklung Rumpun Wargi Pasundan" which became "House of Angklung (HOA)". As an angklung player, she actively played in the angklung concert in the US, and involved in the management as President of HOA. Wanti was also a professional Indonesian traditional dancer and instructor, continues teaching traditional dance until now. She previously worked as an IT Security/Access Management Analyst at Inova Health Systems. She is a patient person, detail oriented, has the smooth hands of helping others and enjoys dedicating her free time for her family and community. Wanti continuously been involved in the management of IKPA since 2010.

Petrus Kia Suban 

Vocal Instructor

Kia is an Indonesian professional singer who has been the second winner of the South East Asia Singing Competition "Akademi Fantasi Indonesia (AFI)" 2004. More than 6 albums have been released and one of his album has earned Quadruple Platinum Award from SONY Music Entertainment Indonesia. In 2005, Kia had the honor to sing in front of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudoyono during a national Christmas celebration in Jakarta. He has been performing with IKPA since 2012, "the Color of Indonesia", 2014 "Si Kabayan and friends" and in 2015 "Mudik Yuuuk 1".

Tourkish Hasnan

Dance Coordinator

Toar was a member of Future Shock DC for 3 years. He is now in George Washington’s collegiate dance team, Capital Funk. Tour began dancing at the age of 8 and has been dancing since then with the Indonesian American based dance crew, Indomination. He has performed in many places including Disney World, World of Dance New Jersey and World of Dance New York and did some workshops in Jakarta, Indonesia. He is currently still in college pursuing in a computer science degree. He is also a rapper and in his extra time, he plays trumpet, piano, and percussion.

Dinda Nugroho

Violin Instructor

 Dinda is currently a student at Montgomery College (MC), majoring in International Relations. She started playing violin since age 9 at Sitar Art Center in Washington, DC. With Sitar, she had the opportunity to go to Berklee College of Music to be part of 5 weeks summer program in 2014. Before she joined MC, she graduated from John's College High School on a music scholarship as part of their string ensemble, and was honored to be part of the Tri-M Music Honor Society, which focused on creating leaders in music education and music advocacy. IKPA member since 2010, first as a violinist then becoming IKPA's Violin Instructor in 2016 until present.


Meiske Shakila Stevenson 

Born as Meiske Shakila Serhalawan in the Malukus, Indonesia, she came to her love of music and singing legitimately through the influences of her family and the Church . Shakila special mentors were her father, Johnny Serhalawan, and her uncle, Bob Tutupoly, both of whom were well known jazz musicians and singers in her native Indonesia. Shakila following her dream to become a professional vocalist.

Shakila entered the Asia-wide televised "Asia Bagus" music competition in 1993, and came away with First Place prizes both in the Regional Competition held in Singapore, as well as the Asia Grand Competition which was held in Tokyo, Japan. In 1997, Shakila traveled to Europe where she entered the Golden Stag International Song Festival in Romania, and the International Song Festival in Cessme, Turkey, becoming the Grand Prix winner in both events. In 1999, she was named by the Republic of Indonesia as the Country's "Outstanding Vocalist"; and then she was thrilled to join contemporary jazz pianist David Benoit as his accompanying vocalist on his seven city tour of Indonesia. In that year as well, the Academy of Music Indonesia (AMI) awarded Shakila with the best Jazz and R&B singer awards, followed that up in 2000 with AMI awarding Shakilla with the best R&B Singer award, best R&B Album, and best Video award. 

Shakilla moved to Washington, D.C. in 2000 with her husband, and after taking some time off to have another two little girls, she is again actively pursuing her singing career. IKPA is so honored to have her as a Vocal Guru.